Before A Nigerian Lady Would Open Her Legs You'll Suffer But Ghanaian Ladies Can Be Bought With Simple Indomie — Nigerian Guy Claims

Apparently Ghanaian ladies are as cheap as indomie but Nigerian ladies are very difficult to get in bed — according to a Nigerian man who has been staying in Ghana for a few years now.
Emeka Obi claims that during his stay in Ghana he’s ‘chopped’ over 90 ladies and he’s even been able to get them with simple things like indomie.
“During my 3-years stay in Accra, I realized that Ghanaian girls are very cheap and easy to bang. I slept with over 98 Ghanaian ladies from adults to teenagers. All I did was to lure them with indomie since they love to eat noodles,” Emeka claimed.

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He said Ghanaian ladies are very ‘sweet’, especially the ‘born ones’ who have sumptuous skills in bed.
In contrast, he said Nigerian ladies are very difficult to get in bed and would make you bleed before opening up for you.
“In Nigeria, the ladies are not cheap. Before a Nigerian girl will open her legs for you, you’ll suffer.”, he said.


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