Bullet Fires Vim Lady As An Old Witch Who Wants To Destroy Wendy Shay's Career

Bullet is once more at war on behalf of his female star Wendy Shay, after some criticism was lobbied at her by Adom Fm’s Afia Pokuaa aka Vim Lady.
Afia Pokuaa was not impressed after Wendy Shay, following her recent visit with the President Nana Akufo-Addo, described him as the ‘chief Uber driver’.
That description was in relation to her single ‘Uber Driver’ in which she said that men likes staring at ladies a$$es and she even mentioned the President’s name as one of those who love staring.
Afia Pokuaa blasted Wendy Shay for those claims saying she disrespected the office of the President but an angry Bullet also hit back at her.

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According to the artist manager, it’s sad to see an ‘old’ lady like Afia Pokuaa dragging down a young artist like Wendy Shay who is now making her name.
“Afua pokuaa vim lady of adom FM,is it envy or jealousy?is Wendy shay not a Ghanaian and doesn’t she have the right as a Ghanaian to visit the president ?old women always wants to bring young women who are doing something good down and it’s very sad.Do you want to tell me musicians are not qualified to visit the president?” he fumed on Facebook.


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