'Pimping Nose' Inna Patty Calls on Ghanaians Abroad to Come and Contest Miss Ghana This Year After Destroying the Brand in Ghana

Inna Patty

This fits the story of the area loose chick who gets fucked by every guy with a penis—so much that, almost everyone in the community has had a taste of her pot.
After gaining notoriety for her sexual exploits and all those who know her story wouldn’t want to settle down with her, she moves to a different area, hoping that an unlucky bastard who does not know her story will marry her.
In the wake of the Miss Ghana brouhaha, Inna Patty, the CEO of Exclusive Events Ghana, the organizers of the destroyed pageant have called on Ghanaians abroad to come and contest for this year’s edition—adding that she will be targeting Ghanaians abroad this year.
Of course, she thinks she is smart. She knows she will probably get no sane person in Ghana now to participate in Miss Ghana 2018 considering the hovering allegations. So, she wants to go far, hoping those there would be more desperate or would have probably not heard of everything that has been cooking for the last 6 months.
But she faces a big problem: unlike the loose chick, the internet is here today and those abroad, even in faraway Australia have access and have therefore heard of everything that has been happening in relation to Miss Ghana.
Her only best bet is to get her mother and sisters to compete against each other this year—it will be interesting and headache free for us all.
We’ve had 5 former winners of the Miss Ghana beauty pageant including the 2017 winner who just resigned, have erected several allegations that, Inna Patty and her Exclusive Events Ghana exploited them, embezzled funds they raised, verbally and physically abused some of them and even ‘PIMPED’ some of them out to men, in return for sponsorship deals.


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