Kenya Airways Ranked the 24 Best Airline in the World

Kenya Airways

When planning a business or holiday travels by air, the one question that most customers never fail to ask is: which is the best airline?

According to TUKO latest news in Kenya, it turns out Kenya Airways (KQ) has been ranked the 3rd best Airline in Africa with an overall score of 7.79. Nairobi Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) is also ranked as the best airport in Africa and the 38th best globally with a total score of 7.92.
The ranking which was compiled by AirHelp puts KQ at position 24 in world rankings out of 72. The data is obtained by comparing each listed airline based on three criteria: on-time performance, quality of service and claim processing. The claim processing score reflects how each airline handles its customer’s complaints while the quality of service is based on customer’s reviews.

Based on the AirHelp airline ranking data, KQ emerged as one of the best amongst its African peers with a score of 9.2 for on-time performance, 7.9 for claim processing and 6.3 for the quality of service.  Whether you are traveling across Africa or to other parts of the world, here are the best airlines and airports.

How Kenya Airways scores compare to other top African airlines
While KQ managed to score position 24 globally, it could not manage to beat its other African competitors: South African Airways and Ethiopian Airlines. South African Airways was ranked the first in Africa and the 5th best globally with an overall score of 8.31. On the other hand, Ethiopian Airlines was the second best in Africa and ranked 22 globally with a score of 7.85. While South African Airways and Ethiopian Airlines had a better rank globally, Kenya Airways had a higher score for on-time performance.
The scores for South African Airways are 8.5 for on-time performance, 7.8 for quality service and 8.7 for Claim processing. Ethiopian airline managed to get a score of 8.4 for on-time performance, 7.4 for claim processing and 7.8 for the quality of service.

The best and top ranking airline on the list is Qatar Airlines with an overall score of 9.08, followed by Lufthansa, Germany with a score of 8.57 and Etihad Airways of United Arab Emirates had a score of 8.43.
The best airports of 2018

How is it that some airports provide an experience that leaves a positive lasting impression while others make you wish you had travelled by sea or road?

The slightest hiccup at the airport can result in flight delays but the environment at the airport can give a negative experience even way before you board the plane. Travelers will be glad to know that AirHelp has released a list that points out to the best and worst airports in the world.  AirHelp airport ranking and scores put into consideration passenger sentiments (which are how passengers complained about or praised the airport), quality of service and on-time performance. Quality of service criteria takes into account how the airline carries itself both on the ground and in the air.

In terms of passenger sentiments, JKIA which is the best airport in Africa has a score of 9.3 while for on-time performance and quality of service the score is 8.3 and 7.2 respectively. The second best airport in Africa and 74th worldwide is Addis Ababa Airport with a score of 7.55.

AirHelp 2018 ranking of best airports worldwide gives statistics on passengers experience at the airport and compares each of the listed airports with its competitors. This year, Hamad International Airport took the number one spot for best airport in the world with a score of 8.77; Greece’s Athens International Airport took position two with a score of 8.69, while Japan’s Haneda Airport was number 3 with a score of 8.63. However, there is more to the AirHelp report than just rankings for Airlines and airports.

Did you know that you are entitled to compensation for any canceled and delayed lights?

According to the AirHelp report, each year about 9 million passengers are entitled to receive compensations for canceled and delayed flights as well as those who are denied boarding. But, 87% of air travelers do not know their rights especially when it comes to these compensations. And amongst those who know their rights, only 66% will file for the compensation that they are legally owed. The report further shows that 68% of air travelers are not informed by airlines following their flight disruption.

Despite the air travelers not knowing their rights, Kenya Airways has managed to remain on top by doing one thing very well:
They are daring enough to expand connectivity not only across Africa but also in international areas.

The company is upgrading the infrastructure at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and plans to launch direct flights to the United States in October 2018.  These direct flights to the US will cut the air traveling time by hours and aim to boost both trade and tourism between these two countries.

Despite having cash flow problems, 2018 is turning out to be a big year for Kenya Airways as it has also launched four weekly non-stop flights to Mauritius and ten weekly flights to Cape Town, South Africa.

Kenya Airways Chief Operating Officer Jan De Vegt said the direct flight was a strategic way of opening up trade and investment opportunities as well as improving connections for both the Mauritius and Nairobi hubs.

Initially, Kenya Airways operated seven weekly flights to Cape Town, but this year they introduced three non-stop flights bringing it to a total of 10 weekly flights from its Nairobi hub at the Jomo Kenyatta International

Airport (JKIA).While rankings of the best airlines and airports are important as they point out which to consider and which to avoid, ultimately when your booking your trip its worth considering those airlines close to your location. Because even though the airline may not appear on the AirHelp ranking 2018 list, they may be making significant improvements that can increase your comfort and reduce air travel headaches. As a result of improving their services, they can eventually make it on the list next year.


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