Efia Odo Shares More Raunchy Love Moments With Lover Kwaku Reveloe

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Actress cum television presenter, Instagram and Snapchat sensation, Efia Odo seems not to be giving up on her relationship with Kweku Reveloe anytime soon as she eulogizes him in her new post.
Efia Odo after many warnings and advice from some close friends of her boyfriend, after she started flaunting him on social media of his true nature of being a fraudster (allegedly) and someone who would use her and dump her, seems not to pay attention to anyone.
The two love birds who are currently having the time of their life seem not to be bothered about anything “haters” say. Efia Odo who recently introduce Kwaku to her mum has shared more raunchy moments with him.
In a post on her Instagram page, the actress has indicated that she is not worried when her haters attack her so long as she remains in his arms.
She shared; “I don’t care if the world hates me, as long as you’re in my corner my world is ok!”.