A Staff Of TV3 Network Demanded S£x From Me During Auditions — Ghana's Most Beautiful Contestant Reveals

S£x in exchange for “this and that” has become the order of the day — mostly, men are the ones demanding s£x from women in return of favours — especially employment.
Now, Akosua Sika Ayiwa, 2015 TV3 Ghana’s Most Beautiful finalist has disclosed how a staff of TV3 Network — organisers of the event demanded s£x from her just to help her get into the house after she failed to make it during the auditions.

Akosua Sika’s desperation to get into the house even though she wasn’t picked at the auditions, led her to approach one of the judges during the auditions for help.
According to Akosua Sika, the judge offered to help by training her for the Accra auditions since she was desperate to get into the house.

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She was then directed by the judge to go see one man (TV3 Staff). The man then asked her to come to his house but being a smart lady, she censed ‘danger’ and refused to go and that made the man furious.
Akosua Sika added that she was then picked during the Accra auditions and upon entering Ghana’s Most Beautiful house, she shockingly found out that this same man had proposed to all the contestants in the house.
“I actually wasn’t picked at the Kumasi audition and I had to talk to one of the judges so that is when the problem started.

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The judge told me he is going to help me train so I picked forms for the Accra audition. The judge directed me to meet someone in Accra but indirectly the judge hooked me up with the person they link me to for the help,” she said.
The big question is, who is this man that she couldn’t mention his name to be shamed? Often Ghanaian women claim “big men”, ask them for s£x in exchange for a job or stuff like that of Akosua Sika but when you ask them to mention and shame these “big men”, it becomes a problem.


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