VIDEOS: Abeiku Santana And His Talk Show Team Are Freaking Disingenuous and Irresponsible—the Joselyn Dumas’ John Dumelo Brouhaha

Joselyn Dumas and John Dumelo

I didn’t want to write about this but I have decided to because the irresponsible group of people, led by Abeiku Santana of OKAY Fm and UTV are shifting the goal poles and blaming others—instead of fucking being ashamed of their disgraceful attempt to sell a TV talk show on the back of scandalizing Joselyn Dumas and tainting her reputation.
I woke up this morning to a publication on GhanaCelebrities.Com, written by one of the 12 writers on the website, stating that Joselyn Dumas had stated categorically in an interview that she dated John Dumelo for about 2 years.
The story quoted Joselyn Dumas verbatim and out of shock and curiosity, I checked with my team at GhanaCelebrities.Com—only to be told that there is video (trailer) of an interview the actress had with Abeiku Santana and she makes this statement in the trailer.
Soon after I shared the story, fuming Joselyn Dumas contacted me—claiming the story is untrue and that she did not ever say that.
How is that possible, especially when there is an official video trailer in which Joselyn says these things loudly, which was aired on UTV a few days ago and same has been uploaded online by Abeiku Santana and his team?
Joselyn Dumas insisted she never said that and then proceeded to explain that, certain parts of her interview have been cut and pieced together by Abeiku Santana and his team just to arrive at a totally different message.
WTF: how can any responsible journalist or Talk show producers act such roguishly—just to sell a talk show?
Joselyn Dumas message

I told Joselyn Dumas my team of writers have watched a video in which she admits to dating John Dumelo for about 2 years and have written the story based on that video which has also been aired on UTV as promo for her full interview. Therefore, if she claims she did not say that and the video has been edited for her to say that, then that’s not just callous but also wicked–so she should contact Abeiku and the people who did this.
Soon, Abeiku Santana and his team released another trailer which shows Joselyn answering the question of dating John Dumelo in the negative—contrary to the first one they put up. Instead of issuing a profound apology and admitting their reprehensible antics, they’ve not done that and rather are making it seem earlier publications by journalists and bloggers who reported based on the initial video they released was a misconstruction of available facts.
These people are grossly disingenuous and unashamed of that even. You cannot do this in any civilized country and still have a damn job at end of the day.
Check out the two videos below…


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