Moesha Buduong Shares Huge Cleavage Photos On the Streets of Manhattan

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Moesha Buduong recently came under a lot of backlash from her Instagram followers after she posted a picture of herself travelling to the USA for a summer vacation. Many of her followers questioned where she got the money from to travel and some pointed out that the married women in the United Kingdom should watch out for her.

The Instagram model and known nud!st, however, seems unperturbed about all these trolls and backlash from some of her followers. This morning, she went live on her Instagram account with other well-endowed ladies to announce to the world that she had arrived in the United Kingdom to take over.

Moesha has also shared some beautiful pics displaying some cleavage on the streets of Manhattan.
Moesha displayed her huge cleavage and big butts in some beautiful African prints.
Check out her post below:


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