Bullet Slams Ebony's Dad As Greedy; Explains That Ebony Is Entitled To Only A % Of Cash She Earned Because Others Also Invested In Her

Bullet has turned things up a notch against Nana Opoku Kwarteng, Ebony’s father, after he claimed that Bullet has chopped most of the money they made from Ebony’s tribute concert and her funeral.
According to him, Bullet gave him ‘only’ Ghc 2,000 out of a sum of Ghc 40,000.
Bullet initially responded cryptically over the weekend but has now fired a more explicit bomb at Mr Kwarteng.
Writing on Facebook, Bullet said he now understands why many great record label executives left the business because after all their hard work some artists would greedily want all the money.

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Bullet all but tagged Ebony’s dad as greedy and explained that an artist is only entitled to a fraction of what they earn because their managers and record labels invest a lot of money in them to make them a hit and therefore also get a percentage of the money made.
He wrote…
“I now understand the reason why record labels like agiecot,goodies,Abib,first class,lexifry,lisarf,big Ben,kaakyire music,low down,,big daddy, odwenanoma,vybetown,slip music,bandex e.t.c stopped bringing out artist!GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED! Record labels spend millions to blow just one artist so appreciate our effort and understand that you have ur talent and all your spiritual backings but video,music recording,music promotion,branding, welfare, costumes,air tickets,stylist,events, security, transport and everything about you the artist is money that the label spend. so don’t think any money that comes from shows and other avenues is for you the artist alone,you get what belongs to you and that is ur percentage!
So it seems Bullet isn’t exactly denying that he took the money, he’s simply explaining why he did so.
So who is right in this instance — Bullet or Papa Ebony?


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