Kwame A-Plus Blames The 1992 Constitution For Ghana's Problems

Kwame A-Plus, comedian cum musician and a known critic of the ills in ruling party NPP, has stated that the 1992 constitution must be blamed for Ghana’s current woes.
He believes the country could have made great progress if portions of the constitution were revised.

In a Facebook post he shared, A-Plus listed a number of challenges confronting the country which need to be dealt with if the country’s quest to practice true democracy is genuine.

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Here is the full post on A-Plus’ wall
Ghana National association of talkative please read this and add your conditions.
In 2020 when the politicians are campaigning, I will hold my own rally at the independence square. It will be called the People’s Rally. It will be the independent-minded Ghanaian rally. We will invite all parties to come and tell us why we should give them our votes. At this rally, we will give them terms and conditions. If they agree to our terms and conditions we will give them our votes. Some of the terms will be;
Parliamentarians shall not be given loans to buy V8s when the government cannot find loans to buy ambulances for citizens.
Parliamentarians shall not retire every 4 years, take full retirement benefits only to be sworn in to begin another term the next morning when the teacher, doctor, police, and other civil servants retire once in 35 years and take home retirement benefits as small as a mosquitoes testicle.
Only former members of parliament who have lost their seats or did not stand for re-election will be paid ex gratia. A recipient of the aforementioned payment shall not contest for a seat in parliament unless he/she pays in full their retirement benefits back to the state.

The 1992 constitution is Ghana’s number one problem and must be amended in consultation with “the people”

The last part of our terms and conditions will read; By signing this document, you agree that we the citizens of Ghana, owners of this land, for whose benefit the laws are made and the employers of the politicians shall not need your permission to demonstrate if you go contrary to the terms and conditions herein stated.
If they agree and sign we will give them our votes.


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