Stop Raining Undeserving Praises On Men For Merely Taking Care Of Their Kids- Twitter Lady

A Twitter User is raving mad and she believes it is for a good reason— according to her, women and people should stop idolising and raining undeserving praises on men for merely doing what they are responsible to do.
The user with the handle @Mochievous says the narrative of people going all emotional of men for taking their kids even out to the park or babysitting them or picking them up from school that comes with the aww’s that is so cute and a host of their sweet nothings should come to an end.
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She Tweeted;
“Please let’s stop congratulating men for taking care of THEIR children.
A man takes his child to the park “aww. This is so cute”.
We should give him a lollipop for what exactly?
Please let your “aww” be on the same energy level when a mother takes her child to the park.
Stop � giving � men � special passes.”


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