47 Year Old Woman Sues A Dating Site Because There Were No Rich Men On It To Go Out With Her — Wins $16,500 In Damages

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A 47 year old woman who paid good money to join a dating site angrily sued the site because they couldn’t get her a ‘suitable’ man to date.
Tereza Burki, a divorcee, joined the dating site Seven Thirty based in London and all she found was the site didn’t have enough men to enable her find a suitable suitor meeting her specifications.
She said she was deceived by the site’s advertizing which promised numerous rich men looking for ladies to date but after joining she couldn’t find any of these promised rich men.
She thus sued the dating company and she won in court, receiving $16,500 in damages.
The judge agreed with her arguments that she’d been deceived by the site in claiming there was a trove of rich men waiting to date whoever joins. In fact there were only about 100 men on the site.
“Had Ms. Burki known what the true size of the active membership was, she would not have joined Seventy Thirty,” the judge said in his ruling.
The damages she received were for reimbursement of the money she spent joining the site, with the rest awarded for ‘disappointment and sadness’.


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