"I Know For A Fact That You Had No Idea Of The Whereabouts Of Your Daughter Before Bullet Found Her And Made Her A Star" — Diamond's Words From 4 Months Ago Confirmed By A Plus

Over the past few days Ebony’s father, Nana Opoku Kwarteng, and her former manager Ricky Nana Agyeman, professionally known as Bullet, have been embroiled in a nasty war.
Nana Opoku Kwarteng has come out with wild allegations against Bullet, who he accuses of spending all the money raised from his daughter’s funeral and tribute concert.
Bullet has in return slammed Mr Kwarteng as greedy and the war has been getting nastier and nastier.

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Musician/comedian A Plus has added his voice to the war, revealing that Mr Opoku Kwarteng abandoned his daughter when things were difficult for her but is now back trying to take every money she’s made due to Bullet’s hard work.

Interestingly, A Plus isn’t the first person who swears that Ebony’s dad abandoned his daughter when she was suffering in her life. A few months ago, just after Ebony died, this same issue of Ebony’s father accusing Bullet of chop chop came up and Diamond Appiah made it clear Nana Opoku Kwarteng is a gold digger.
She practically said the same thing A Plus said: the man had no idea where his daughter was and it was only after she became famous due to Bullet that he came looking for her.
She wrote at the time….

“Pls I believe this album cover was done with the consent of Ebony and she witnessed n admitted to the credentials that bullet wrote almost all the hit songs on the album. So If Mr Opoku is claiming otherwise then why didn’t He question the management before the album launch months ago? Mr Opoku kwarteng u and I know for a fact that u had no idea of the whereabouts of your daughter before Bullet found her and made her a star. My brother brought her to my place several times n she was nothing as you sit on radio n claim. I won’t sit n watch u disrespect another man’s hustle all in.the name of greediness. Put some respect on bullets name n allow our little sister’s name to rest n stop DISGRACING HER MEMORY like this . Enough is enough. #Africans love efunu ampa”

Make of that what you will.


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