Juliet Ibrahim Shares ‘Cute Bum' Photos And Her Fans Just Can’t Have Enough Of It

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Juliet Ibrahim

The beautiful ‘all over the place’ actress is spotted wearing an attire that could best be described as a bikini. She shares this photo on her Instagram page with a caption indicating that she is admiring her own body which she termed “natural endowment.”
The beautiful actress who was recently ‘dumped’ by her Nigerian boo Ice Berg Slim wondered why some people would be quick to change their statuses to single whenever they have issue with their spouses.
Juliet Ibrahim wrote: “Why do some couples make their status “single” every time they fight? I don’t put “orphan” every time I get into a fight with my parents! #NaturalEndowment#AQueenIsWhatiEmbody #LoveYourself ♀��.”
Her fans and followers cannot keep calm over the photo and have commented how they feel about it. Some of them felt Juliet showed too much skin while others believe she is simply beautiful.
Check out the post on her Instagram page below with all the cold-warm comments:


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