Poor Men Prefer Women With Huge Boobs; The Rich Prefer The Lemon-like Boobs — Study Shows

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The poor man always prefers the big things in life — especially when it comes to boobs preferences, they want it huge like watermelons and the rich, they prefer the cute lemon-like boobs according to a study.
The study was conducted by Viren Swami and Martin Tovée and below are their findings:

“For the first experiment, they explored the relationship between financial security and men’s preferences in breast size. They recruited 266 men from three parts of Malaysia that varied in socioeconomic status – low, medium and high.
Each participant was shown animated female figures, each varying in breast size. They then rated them out of five for physical attractiveness. And as it turned out, men with a lower socioeconomic status found larger breasts more appealing than those with a higher socio-economic status.

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They then compared breast size ratings in a second experiment which reflected upon the evolutionary perspective of breast size – is that it is a signal of a woman’s ability to bear and nurture a child. But this time, they did it based on a full stomach.
They used 66 hungry male university students, and 55 with satisfied appetites to test whether the security of food had an effect on their preferences, participating as they either entered or exited their campus cafeteria between 6 pm and 7 pm.
They also only used white males for this study, as ethnicity is known to influence breast size preferences.

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Again, they were shown five women with varying sized breasts. And apparently, the hungry males preferred the bigger breasted women more than the satiated men”.

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