(VIDEO) Rev Owusu Bempah 'Shades' Prophet Badu Kobi For His Church Tax Comments

The founder and leader of Glorious Word Power Ministry Rev. Owusu Bempah, who recently wedded a ‘fat a$$’ woman, has added his ‘supernatural voice’ to the argument of the government putting measures in place to ‘extort’ money from churches as they do to their members, in a form of tax.
The debate on various media platforms over the past few days is whether churches should be asked to pay taxes to help develop the country. The ruling government has hinted that they are putting measures in place to roll out the collection of taxes from churches.

Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi, Head Pastor and Founder of Glorious Wave Church International in one of his church sermons issued a warning to President Akufo Addo that it’s nonsensical for the government to think of taxing churches.
In his sermon, he fumed his anger on the president Akufo-led government who have made it a priority to tax churches due to the luxurious lifestyles some pastors live. According to the “car dashing prophet”, taxing the church shows how poor the country is because no nation in the world has imposed taxes on churches.

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“And I will say this, any nation that is ready to tax the church is a poor nation because if just for Rolls Royce you are now thinking of attacking the church when they were poor why didn’t you attack the church.
“Should we drive a truck? Even the minister of state who is doing nothing is driving Land Cruiser, how much more me; minister of God’s Kingdom? If you go to a place, you will see a small boy of politicians driving Land Cruisers with bodyguards and they expect a man of God to appear sitting on a truck and call him my Bishop,” he said.

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Rev. Owusu Bempah, on the other hand, has rubbished Prophet Badu Kobi’s assertion stating that:
“It sometimes hurt that people say pastors live good so they should be limited to the kind of lifestyle to live, I don’t think poverty comes from God… We live a luxurious lifestyle because God blesses and we portray such lifestyle to convey a message to our followers and non-believers that God blesses so they can be encouraged in their worship with God”.
He cited examples where Jesus Christ visited wealthy men in his days and even cited that most Nigerian pastors have private jets they use to travel around.
“Recently, Bishop David Oyadepo received 200 cars from his church members on his birthday, so don’t expect a man of God to be living poor while they preach prosperity in the Kingdom Business,” he said.

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Rev Owusu Bempah, therefore, asserts that churches who use dubious means to extort monies from church members by selling of oils and various items should be taxed.
Watch the video below:


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