The Actor Who Played Strika — The Mute Kid In Beasts Of No Nation — Is Now A Beggar Whilst Abraham Attah Lives It Up In The U.S

It speaks to the vagaries of life that two children both came out of nowhere to star in a movie and whilst one ends up an international movie star, the other is reduced to begging in the streets of Accra.
The kid who played Strika in the Beast of No Nations movie which launched Abraham Attah, Emmanuel Nii Adom Quaye, has ended up a beggar on the streets of Accra despite starring in an internationally acclaimed movie.
Attah was undoubtedly the star of Beasts, being the lead alongside Idris Elba, but many critics point out the depth of Strika’s acting might have been more impressive in the movie. Yet in the aftermath, Attah has garnered all the accolades and opportunities and it looks like Strika has been badly mismanaged.
In a post on Facebook, Caleb Boye narrates meeting Strika today and he’s begging to make ends meet, when he probably should be in school for a boy his age.

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Boye wrote: “I am sad this morning. I was heading to the Ghana Institute of Journalism campus and I met Striker. You would ask who is Striker? Striker starred in the movie Beast of No Nations. The said film that made Abraham Attah.  Today I met him begging for money on the road leading to GIJ. I called him and brought him to campus. Speaking to him he tells me he now works with a gentleman who sells Yam at Agbogbloshie Market. He stays with his grandma at North Kaneshie.”
Something must really have gone horribly wrong because he was enrolled in school a couple years ago and as late as the middle of last year reports placed him as a student.
Hopefully something is done about the plight of Strika, who truly was phenomenal in Beasts and only needs a little guidance to get his life back on track.


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