Becca Shares Super Adorable Message To Celebrate Her New Husband And The Greatest Gift He's Given Her So Far [READ]

Singer Becca has got to be one of the happiest people on planet earth at this moment.
You have to imagine the days after your wedding are the happiest you’ll ever be — you’ve just gone through the happiest day of your life and the next few days/weeks are for the honeymoon where you have nothing to do but bang your brains out.
Becca has taken to social media to thank the one man in her life responsible for all this happiness, her new husband — Tobbi Daniel Sanni.
The couple had a superb wedding over the weekend with the creme de la creme of the celebrity world in attendance, showcasing both their star power.

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Taking to Instagram today, Becca shares a photo of herself and her husband and thanks him for everything and for his greatest gift to her — making her love herself.
“I found love in you and I’ve learnt to love me too.” she wrote.
We truly wish them the best of luck and hopefully, they manage to beat the odds and end up happily ever after.


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