Chinese Couple Trying To Get Pregnant For Four Years Failed To Do So Because They Had Been Having Anal S** The Whole Time!

A Chinese couple have been trying to get pregnant four years into their marriage yet it never happened due to one very simple reason.
For some inexplicable reason, the couple had been having anal s** all that time thus making it impossible to conceive as was their goal.
The Metro UK reports that the couple hail from Bijie city in China and have been married four years without a child.
Their childlessness is not for a lack of trying as they have been constantly having s*x but they never managed to conceive the child they were looking for.
After visiting the doctor, he asked them a few questions and it turned out, they had been having anal s*x all these years, although why a married couple would not know the right way to coceive a child is beyond ridiculous.
The doctor, after diagnosing their issue, then handed them a book about s*xual education and some ‘guidelines’ before sending them home.
The woman got pregnant only a few months after they started having v*ginal s*x.


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