Suspected Gay Man And His Alleged Boyfriend Viciously Attacked In Madina By Deranged Friends And Family Members

Friends and ‘standers with’ Mensa Otabil often get very offended when anyone dares criticize him, even though he has caused untold harm to our nation.
And rightly so, no one has even thought of lynching him although the argument can credibly be made he has caused more harm to this country than any gay man ever did.
Yet true to form and in our unwavering hypocrisy and ludicrous myopia, Ghanaians continue to insist on stopping the chosen lifestyles of a few people which harms no one and by and large foolishly choose to stand with those who harm them on a far grander scale.
According to numerous reports a suspected gay man in Madina has been beaten near death by his friends and family members because his chosen lifestyle has been deemed a ‘disgrace’ to his highly religious family.
The victim, identified as Rabiu Mohammed, was monitored by some friends as he met with a guy at a bar around Zongo Junction.
Apparently they had suspected him of being gay and thus were checking to make sure he really was one before attacking.
After he came out of the bar with the guy hand in hand, they had their ‘confirmation’ and decided to attack them.

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The attack was so vicious that some bystanders said they even thought the guys were thieves.
“We saw the guys standing in a corner outside the restaurant for a long time so we were even wondering what they were up to when suddenly they caught the two guys coming out of the restaurant and started beating them. It was very bad and we even thought they had stolen something,” an eyewitness said.
He continued, “It was a policeman who was directing traffic near the place who intervened. He told them to stop beating the guys and take them to the Police station. That was when the attackers explained that they were beating Mohammed because he was gay and even his family supported their action”.
The lives of these two guys was only saved due to the intervention of the police officer otherwise we all know how it would have ended up.
Being gay in Ghana, now and as always, is a life threatening condition; but screwing Ghanaians hard in the a$$ by chopping their money is just a way to get more loved and adored.
The stupidity on display in this country on a daily basis is beyond outstanding.
Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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