VIDEO: Juliet Ibrahim Subtly Reacts To Iceberg Slim's “Viral Anaconda Dingdong” Photo With A Cryptic Caption

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Iceberg Slim stumbled on a photo of actress Juliet Ibrahim’s ex-lover, Iceberg Slim on the internet where his “anaconda” dingdong drew a scary shape in the towel wrapped around his waist.
In the article, the writer humorously described how our modern-day barbie, Juliet Ibrahim has been drilled s*xually looking at how huge and long Iceberg Slim’s dingdong appeared in the viral photo.

Some fans on social media even concluded that Juliet Ibrahim’s alleged painful breakup with Iceberg Slim may be as a result of her inability to accommodate his “Anaconda” dingdong after seeing the photo.
Well, our modern-day barbie, Juliet Ibrahim has subtly reacted to Iceberg Slim’s “viral anaconda dingdong” photo on in a fresh Instagram video with a cryptic caption.
Her caption reads;
Juliet Ibrahim & Iceberg Slim

“My silence doesn’t mean I agree with you, it means your level of stupidity rendered me speechless”. #justsaying #shadesbyjulietibrahim #selflove #selfworth#sexymama #axepartyoftheyear #pencilunbroken3

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Reading meanings into her cryptic caption, Juliet may be telling us that her silence on why she broke up with Iceberg Slim doesn’t mean she agrees with the notion that she ‘ran away’ because of Iceberg Slim’s “Anaconda” dingdong.
Watch the video below.


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