VIDEO: Bishop Duncan Williams Says Christians Should Not Talk or Criticize Mensa Otabil–Even If Being Taken for Fools

Bishop Duncan Williams

Christianity has lost its appeal to a lot of right-thinking persons in the world and it’s catching the same fire in Africa—for the fact that it impedes critical thinking and criticisms.
Christians are said and made to be sheep, both literally and metaphorically. They are not supposed to talk but leave everything to God, even if being taken for granted, by their own.
In the wake of the Mensa Otabil-Capital Bank saga, Bishop Duncan Williams has asked his congregation to shut up—and not say a word about a situation that affects of all us.
This is an issue of public interest, but because it involves a so-called man of God, Duncan Williams says all Christians should shut the hell up.

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And yet, these same pastors do not shut up about politics and the state of affairs in Ghana—caused by matters such as the Capital Bank scandal.
All it means is that Christians should be stupid and just look on—while a bunch of thieves take them for fools.
This is not a religion but plain stupidity.
Check out the video below…


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