From A 'Skul Son' To A Soldier- Sister Deborah Gives Medikal A New Title

People thought they could tear Amg Medikal and Deborah Vanessa apart by burying them in criticism and backlashes, what they did not know was those two were seed waiting impatiently to germinate.
Sister Durbee and her school son Medikal have grown stronger with time and controversies have done little or none to destroy their romantic relationship.
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About a month ago when Medikal tweeted that he was never going to get married, we all thought that was the red flag Debbie needed to see to advise herself although man made a U-turn and said he was just messing he tweeted that.
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Medikal is on tour and per his Instagram location, he is in Paris, France. The young lad shared a picture of himself in a bright yellow sweater and surely might have caught the Borla singer’s attention.
She just could not help it as she passes a sweet comment under the post.


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