Ghanaian Actor-Kaycen Michael Williams ‘Defrauds’ A US-Based Ghanaian Lady of 2300 Dollars

Ghanaian Actor-Kaycen Michael Williams

It’s difficult to meet a total stranger who is willing to help you these days in the world we live in. And this is largely due to bad experiences people with generous hearts and opened hands have suffered in their dealings with certain cunning people.
Perhaps the bad nuts are a few but they have succeeded in muddying the water for all of us. It’s so bad that no one seems to trust anyone with money these days.
The story of Ghanaian actor, Kaycen Michael Wiliams and a certain US-based Ghanaian lady, Patricia, is one of the many why no one is ready to stretch a helping hand to help you when they can.
Before telling you what happened and what I’ve gathered from speaking to both of the people involved, let me mention that some Ghanaian men are cheap and they take innocent women not just for granted but for fools. Unfortunately, Kaycee Michael Williams who is said to be a rising actor is one of such men, in my estimation.
Kaycen and Patricia met on Facebook and a few weeks after they met, Kaycen who is said to be married (a woman contacted me during my investigation into this matter that she is the actor’s wife), asked Patricia to help him with a loan to support a TV series he claimed he was shooting.
The above is what Patricia told me.
Kaycen’s side differs a little but not materially. According to Kaycen, she spoke to Patricia about a TV series he was working on and explained to her the financial wall that stood in front of him, preventing timely completion of the project a few weeks after they met on Facebook. He said, Patricia then offered to lend him 2000 dollars to help him finish the production.
Kaycen told me that, Patricia asked when he would pay back the money if she lends it to him and with how much interest. He promised to pay her back in 4 months (Patricia says 3 months) and with a 12% interest.
Kaycen and Patricia’s Chat

On top of the 2000 dollars which Patricia sent to Kaycen through her sister who was at the time coming to Ghana for holidays, Kaycen later asked for extra 300 dollars—telling Patricia that he had hit a wall once again and he needed just that to absolutely complete the project so he would be able to pay her all back on time.
In total, 2300 dollars was sent from Patricia to a man she had never met in person and was not involved with romantically. Before Patricia’s cynical sister gave Kaycen the 2000 dollars, she asked to get a photocopy of his ID and desperate Kaycen, wanting to grab the money provided his passport copy (attached). Note that the inscription ‘fraud alert’ on the passport was on it when it got to me.
The 3/4 months to pay back with interest lapsed–it is now 1 year and 6 months, and Kaycen has refused to pay Patricia a dime. That’s pretty much a deception or hugely conning an innocent woman to part away with 2300 under the impression that she would receive it back in just 3 months.

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Patricia who obviously has a good heart is completely disappointed and cannot bring herself to understand why Kaycen has failed to pay back monies they all agree was a loan. Her credulity is probably due to the fact that she has not been to Ghana ever since she went to the United States, many years ago.  She does not know what time it is down here in Ghana.
When I spoke to Kaycen, he did not refute the above. He just claims, the project has taken longer than expected and therefore he has not been able to pay back, as planned or initially agreed.

Kaycen’s passport

So a married man and a so-called Ghanaian actor cannot cough out 2300 dollars to pay a debt in order to show that he is a man of integrity or safeguard his image? More also, to prove to people like Patricia that not everyone is fraudulent and when you open your heart to help some people, they really pay back as promised?
According to Patricia, the 1 and half years has been a war between Kaycen and her. In fact, he even refuses to pick her calls and when he does, he sells to her his usual bullshit stories.
If a $2300 loan supposed to be paid back in 3/4 hours has had not a penny paid back in 1 and a half years later, then that’s beyond bullshit—it’s something people ought to know about to help them avoid the con at the centre of it.
Patricia says she has tried everything but Kaycen has refused to pay. It’s sad but that’s her 2300 dollars, hard earned cash gone—taken by another Ghanaian, a man for that matter, who she tried to help.

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After over 18 months of not paying a penny back, Kaycen had this to tell me when I contacted him on this matter: “She knows and have all updates on the project and I’m surprised she’s gone this far after assuring her just 3 days ago that whether sponsorship monies are released or not …. she will receive her cash in full in next month.”
Patricia says she has heard the next month story so many times from wonder boy Kaycen.
If you ever want to do business with this dude, that’s his story right here—be careful.
I don’t think master Kaycen intended and will pay this money–what about you?
Check out the chats below…
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