Fighting The Construction Of The National Cathedral Would Incur Curses On Your Family — Eagle Prophet

Eagle Prophet

The Christians are out in force to fight for the construction of the National Cathedral which obviously is one of the things our country needs at this moment in time.
And as usual they are going for the fear factor – claiming that constructing the Cathedral is the will of God and anyone who fights it would incur the wrath of omnipotent father.
The preacher known as Eagle Prophet, Reindolph Oduro Gyebi, is the latest to add his voice to the debate and unsurprisingly, he’s threatening those against this superfluous project as well.
According to him, fighting the decision is simply incurring curses on you and further generations of your family.

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“The location the Lord has directed for the establishment of the cathedral should not be left the way it is, no one should fight it, everybody should leave it and I am saying this as the prophet of God, that anyone who dares fight the National Cathedral will be fighting their entire generation. They should keep quiet for God to take control over this country”, he said on Hot FM.
Eagle Prophet further claimed that Kwame Nkrumah set up this country under ‘forces of darkness’ therefore it’s necessary to build a cathedral to bring more of God’s blessings on us and break that yoke.
“If we lift Ghana up in prayer in that building, against all evil and negative forces that has held the country back all these years, you will witness what will happen. I will say this once and again, the first President of Ghana initiated this country under the forces of darkness… He established Ghana in a very high demonic way and any prophet of God knows what I am talking about.
“It is said that the one who heads a family determines the blessings and curses of the people. That is what the father of the land Dr. Kwame Nkrumah did with Ghana and now so many things are going wrong but I thank God for President Akufo- Addo. God will guide him to build the National Cathedral and all altars of the devil will break… I talk as the prophet of God.” he said.


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