KSM Says God Made A Mistake When He Created Black People And People Are Pissed Because They Hate The Truth

Kwaku Sintim-Misa

Veteran Ghanaian comedian and satirist Kwaku Sintim Misa has sparked a twitter brouhaha after saying Blacks are defective and need to be recreated by God.
KSM, who often spares no punches in his critiques on social media, seems to have gone a little bit too far this time in the eyes of many Ghanaians as his comment has sparked a massive backlash.
Writing on his twitter page, KSM said defective products are often recalled by companies and reproduced and said God should do same for Blacks.
“At the RISK of making many ANGRY, let me say this: When some cars are DEFECTIVE the manufacturers do a RECALL of affected cars to fix the DEFECT. I think GOD should recall BLACK PEOPLE and FIX OUR DEFECT. .” he wrote.
As he said he risked doing many angry stones were lobbed at him for his comment.

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Obviously there’s merit to the some of the criticisms but looking around our country it’s hard not to reach the same conclusion as KSM has done.
He didn’t specify what prompted his tweet but it’s likely to be the ongoing debate over the National Cathedral. Aside that just within the past few months we’ve heard disgusting stories of people dying because of no beds at hospitals and some people needing plastic chairs to get treatment at a premier health facility.
That’s before going into the lack of ambulances in the nation and many other problems we have, juxtaposed with the rich and powerful like Mensa Otabil squandering sums of money which could solve many of our issues yet walking scot free.
Some other blacks can take offense at the description based on their own biases but for those of us in Ghana, we are doing all we can to prove KSM right whilst screaming in his face for stating the self evident.
The fact is we are sick and lying about it is not the way to get well.
Check out KSM’s tweet and some of the angry responses below…

Some people also stood with him in his position.
Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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