PHOTOS: Why Can't You Unfollow Me If You Don't Like Me? ─ Moesha Quizzes Fans

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It looks like Moesha Budoung has “jujued” her social media fans and followers. She can’t fathom why most of them keep dropping negative comments under her raunchy photos but can’t do the needful by hitting the unfollow button.
Moesha Budoung in a fresh Instagram post has posited that deep down in the hearts of her fans and followers, they love what she does even though they keep dropping negative comments.

There hasn’t been a day without a fan dropping a savage comment under Moesha Budoung’s photos on social media. It’s either her a*s is fake, ‘chops’ married men and other trolling comments.
Moesha, as usual, posted some photos and quizzed her fans;

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“Those who drop negative comments under my post if u don’t like me why follow me ?? deep down u love me and I love u guys to”.
Check the photos below.


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