President Donald Trump Roasted By Soccer Fans Over His Comment — Check It Out

Gianni Infantino And Donald Trump

Fans of Soccer did not spare Donald Trump over the comment he made during his meeting with the President of FIFA, Gianni Infantino at the White House in the US ahead of America, Canada and Mexico hosting the world cup in 2026.
Speaking at the meeting, President of the United States Donald Trump said the game of football is growing fast in the world.

“My son Barron loves soccer and soccer has to be one of the fastest growing sports in the world. And the job you’ve done is really fantastic, Gianni,” Mr Trump told Gianni.
And during their meeting, President of FIFA handed over a yellow and red card to Mr Trump who then brandished them at the gathering of the media.
Soon after the 72-year-old American President who seems to have little knowledge as to how soccer is the leading sport in the world had finished his statement, soccer fans took the comment from another angle and mocked him.

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Below are some of the jabs from the UK’s ‘the sun’ online users to Mr Trump.
One online user joked saying “Donald Trump says football (soccer, not the other one) has to be one of the fastest growing sports in the world’, Yea, I’m hoping it catches on in Europe, Donald!
Another said, “Soccer has to be one of the fastest growing sports…Maybe in the USA Donnie – in the rest of the world it is the biggest sports and always has been by a country mile!”
A fellow user also posted, “Trump is an id*ot – it’s not the fastest growing sports in the world, it’s by far the biggest sports and most popular”.
Source. GhanaCelebrities.Com


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