VIDEO: Aside Your Fake A*s, What Else Do You Have To Offer The World? ─ Fan Questions Moesha Budoung

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A curious fan of Instagram nud!st, Moesha Budoung wants to know what she can actually offer the world aside her artificial “tundra“ buttocks.
Moesha Budoung in her infamous offering of “toto” to rich married men in exchange for material and financial gains interview with Christiane Amanpour on CNN is a clear indication that she can only offer the world her bum artificial buttocks.

And for a man to have a bite of her ‘goodies’, he must be rich and ready to slap her bum butts with some dollars as she once disclosed in an Instagram post.
In a video posted on her Instagram page, Moesha Budoung is seen shaking her “tundra” buttocks to promote rapper Edem’s new single “Fokoloryo”.

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An angry fan with username @stardom34 commented;
“You have nothing to show to the world apart from that your artificial ass……”
Another fan _talk.it_ asked, “So how do you feel carrying all that plastic on you??”
Check out the video below.


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