Despite Denying Being HIV Positive Proof Surfaces Showing Kristoff Adjei In HIV Support Groups Admitting He's Positive


Our main man Kristoff Adjei, the man who boldly went where other men are afraid to tread and seduced and chopped down Joyce Dzidzor Mensah, on Wednesday came out swinging to deny that he was ever HIV positive as he told Dzidzor.
Kristoff came out with a supposed HIV test and some documents from a hospital to prove to everyone else that he was never HIV positive and that he just told Dzidzor that story so he could get her to chop down.
However, a little more digging by your favourite gossip blog GhanaCelebrities.Com has found out that either Kristoff is really HIV positive or he’s a reckless idiot who gets off on chopping HIV positive women.
Posts from HIV support groups on Facebook show Kristoff as a member of those groups who introduced himself as positive and was looking for ladies to chop down.

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The posts span a time period and in one of them he claims he’s searching for a lady to marry.
This paints a different picture that way before even meeting Dzidzor, Kristoff was HIV positive.
Or he’s truly the lowest of the low of scumbags and chases ladies with HIV who he probably calculates have little choice and chops them down and dumps them like he did to Dzidzor.
Either way, this guy is a disgrace to manhood.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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