PHOTOS: Fella Makafui's “Tundra” Backside ─ Artificial Or Natural?

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Fella Makafui

YOLO actress, Fella Makafui ever since she rose to fame has been criticised for increasing her buttocks through surgical means. Some fans have also trolled her for wearing buttocks pad to deceive men.
Most people have argued that she wasn’t that endowed at her backside during the YOLO days so how the hell did she get all those ‘goodies’ behind her back?

Well, she has on several occasions refuted wearing buttocks pad or pumped her backsides through surgical means─she claims it’s natural and authentic.
She keeps posting photos showing her “tundra” backside for fans to know she is got it all─obviously to rubbish pumping and wearing of buttocks pad rumours.

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Fella Makafui has posted two photos all showing her “tundra” backside. This has raised the eyebrows of some fans to question why she keeps flaunting what she calls natural if indeed it’s natural.
Whether it’s artificial or natural, she is flaunting it like nobody’s business on Instagram.
See the photos below.


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