PHOTO: Moesha Budoung Returns To The Sh*thole After A Successful “Ashawobrity Business” Trip In The States

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Moesha Budoung

Unlike Fella Makafui who was allegedly booted out of a shop rented by her ‘sponsor’ for refusing to perform her duties in bed, Moesha Budoung is really doing well─performing all the acrobatics in bed judging from the flamboyant lifestyle she portrays out there.
Moesha’s ‘sponsor’ from the look of things would be very rich, dude is really splashing some dollars on Moesha’s “tundra” buttocks and body…kw33!

Moesha Budoung posted a photo of herself on Instagram ‘chilling’ in Brussels Airline’s first class suite 3 hours ago with a caption, “coming home”.

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Finally, our “pro-ashawobrity”, Moesha Budoung is back to her homeland after a successful ‘business’ trip in the United States of America.
Welcome back to the sh*thole, Moesha Budoung!


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