Prophet Nigel Gaisie Just Endorsed This Supposed Christian 'Evil'

Christians believe they have the monopoly on morality and if they want to do something then they describe it as not evil but when others are doing something else they tag it evil.
Don’t worry, I’m coming to give you a very good example of Christian hypocrisy on morality by no less a person than a preacher.
Prophet Nigel Gaisie, who came to prominence in Ghana after a lucky guess on Ebony Reigns’ death, has in a recent interview told Blakk Rasta that there’s nothing wrong with a man deciding to marry more than one wife.
According to him, even though the bible frowns on polygamy (not really), he personally sees nothing wrong with a man choosing to marry more than one so long as he can take care of them all.
Gaisie said considering there are more women than men it makes sense for a man to marry more than one, although he personally would not do so because of the bible.

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If the bible frowns upon polygamy and the bible is the arbiter of all morality, why even pass any positive words about it?
In his next breath Gaisie talked about homos*xuality and how it’s devilish and no one should indulge in it. Homos*xuality is panned across Christianity so it’s cool to trash it but polygamy is a ‘lesser evil’ thus a pastor can endorse it.
Hypocrisy, thy name is Gaisie.
Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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