A Father Realises After A Year That His Wife Swapped His Sp*rms In The Clinic To That Of Her Lover Because…

A Russian man whose name has been given as Maxim Anokhin has sued  IVF clinic after his wife had admitted that she swapped his sp*rms to that of her lover when it was still under treatment in the clinic.
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According to the SUN, the man had no idea the kid he had known for a year and has come to love as his, is not his biological son. The mother only revealed this when they had an issue and things went south. Maxim Anokhin successfully sued the Moscow clinic that allowed such negligence to happen unnoticed.
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The court awarded him £4,600 as compensation and the time he had ‘wasted’ on the child.
He said: “I trusted my wife. I believed her and trusted her, 100 per cent.
“It means that when I was told about it I was shocked, I was distressed, and I could hardly believe it.”
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