Over 10% Of Ghanaians Live In ‘Extreme Poverty’ — Study Finds


A study carried out by the World Poverty Clock has found that over 2.8m Ghanaians are living in extreme poverty.

Extreme poverty, as defined by the study, is living on less than $1.9 a day, which is the global poverty line.

That means over 10% of people in this country have to survive on less than $1.9 — approximately 9 cedis — a day.

That can’t be called living, can it? More like barely surviving.

Desptite the bleak news, the World Poverty Clock report commends Ghana as being one of the few Sub Saharan African countries on track to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Goal 1 of ending poverty in all forms by 2030.

Ghana has also managed to reduce poverty by half, the first country in Sub Saharan Africa to do so.

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Irrespective of these tiny gains, it’s unconscionable the number of Ghanaians forced to live under extreme poverty, mostly in the rural areas.

Despite our situation, Nigeria’s is noticeably worse, as the number of its citizens living under extreme poverty keeps soaring.

According to the report, Nigeria is now the leading country in extreme poverty worldwide, overtaking India.

Of Nigeria’s 197 million population, 87 million are reported to be living in extreme poverty.

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