Photos+Videos — Customers Of First Allied Savings and Loans In Kumasi Left Stranded As 'Broke' Bank Refuses To Allow Them To Withdraw

The banking crisis in the country continues to f*** Ghanaians over and over as people face more and more difficulties to recover their hard earned money.
Aside the number of closed banks, some banks continue to struggle to give depositors back their own money and people often forget that the lady beaten by the policeman at Midland Savings and Loans did so because she kept going back to withdraw money they refused to give her.
Customers of the First Allied Savings and Loans company in Adum, Kumasi are facing the same issue today as the bank cannot give them their deposits due to money issues.
Information we’ve picked up indicates that the customers at the bank are not being allowed to withdraw and that has created a crowd outside the venue waiting to get their money back from the bank.

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The crowd is only likely to grow bigger as people hear that they can’t make withdrawals and turn up to ensure their money does not vanish into thin air.
This isn’t the first time the bank has had such issues and in the past they have even been forced to come out and deny being taken over by the government.
Check out photos and videos from the bank below…

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