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The Book Every Christian Must Read — 'Faith & Common Sense For Effective Living' By Rev Dr. Solomon Nortey

Faith & Common Sense For Effective Living

It would be an understatement to say some Christians are giving the faith a bad name in recent times with their lack of application of common sense when dealing with issues in the world.
Many ‘charismatic’ pastors have built empires on the back of the fact that people decide to suspend reason when dealing with men of God and are simply interested in giving them blind loyalty.
These pastors, having also discovered this secret, are able to do whatever they want and get away with it and worse, they get to order their congregations to do whatever they want without any accountability.
One of the few ‘reasonable’ pastors in the country, Rev Dr Solomon Nortey of the Church of Methodist, has authored a book meant to get Christians back to a mentality where common sense is used in the application of faith to make life much better for the Christian.
‘Faith & Common Sense For Effective Living’ by Rev Nortey, is a must read for every Christian in the country and by extension, the world. The book clearly outlines the need to have faith to tackle the problems of life, but also applying common sense to ensure in faith, one does not become blind and thus open to manipulation by every bad actor who can play on that blind faith.

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Rev Nortey argues that whilst practising faith, it is imperative to apply your brains (common sense) as well. This is not only necessary but actually a commandment of God, who has not endorsed stupidity as the order of the day.
Whether as a Christian, a person of any other faith or even an unbeliever, one cannot argue against the case that common sense is necessary in the practice of faith, and thus it makes perfect sense to recommend such a book to Christians.
Rev Nortey, who I have personally worked with in the past, has always had a no-nonsense approach to faith and cannot stand those who make Christianity look bad by failing to apply their brains.
With the proliferation of the ‘prosperity’ version of Christianity which has bred a new kind of pastors whose lives fail to mirror Christ, getting equipped with the lessons outlined in this book would make it easier to spot them and ensure they are starved out of the faith and henceforth fail to give Christianity a bad name.
‘Faith & Common Sense For Effective Living’ is that armour every Christian needs, and it has been endorsed by huge names in the Christian community who have seen the need for a work of that nature.

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The book is also an easy read and can appeal even to an unbeliever, as it does its job of advocating for a Christianity based on reason and not blind faith and does a good job of making faith appealing.
‘Faith & Common Sense For Effective Living’ is set to be launched on the 30th of September, 2018 at the Mount Zion Methodist Church in Sakumono.
For advanced copies contact Mrs Haryette Ocansey on +233 26 733 2350/ 233 27 755 2350 or Stella Ampah on +233 24 785 9196. Copies are sold for Ghc 30 each.
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