Bulldog Reveals What Made So-Called ‘Gangsta’ Shatta Wale Cry Like A Baby

Shatta Wale likes to show off as a ‘hardcore’ gentleman but everyone knows he’s actually a scared little ‘fearo’.

That’s actually the reason he’s so loud because he tries using his brashness to cover his fears.

Earlier this year when a pastor said he would die he came out screaming and threatening to burn down all churches in Ghana but it did not take long to see Shatta Wale huddled in fear with his squad praying to avert the prophecy.

Anyway, Shatta’s former manager Bulldog says it’s clear that Wale is indeed a baby.

Speaking about his time in prison when he was picked up for allegedly killing Kwaw Kese’s former manager Fennec, he said Wale broke into tears when he came to visit him inside.

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According to Bulldog, he had managed to stay strong despite his incarceration but he nearly broke down when Wale came to visit him “crying like a baby”.

“He was the only one at the time who made me nearly shed tears. I understood him. He has never seen me like that before behind bars…I think it was touching for him.” Bulldog added.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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