Men’s Wallet Buying Guide: Important Aspects to Consider

Men’s Wallet

Since wallets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, choosing a suitable one for your needs may seem like a daunting task. While some are generally slim, others are bulkier, but this isn’t really the struggle many men face when purchasing wallets. The real struggle is finding a wallet that suits you perfectly. What are some of the aspects you need to consider when shopping for a new wallet? Style is the most important consideration – everyone has a preferred, unique style. In this buyer’s guide, we shall discuss the main factors you need to consider as you browse for a new wallet.

1. Types of Men’s Wallets

The most popular wallet types include slim, card, chain, and bifold wallets. Buying the wrong wallet size that does not suit your lifestyle essentially means you end up with a wallet you dislike, which can be annoying.

i. Slim Wallets

These wallets are generally slimmer and because of their slimmer size, they can comfortably fit in the front pocket. Unlike the standard size, traditional wallets, the slimmer varieties are easier to carry and are particularly suitable for any man who wishes to keeps only a few items. With the slim wallets, you get to keep only cash and a few vital items such as cards.
The bigger wallets are no longer deemed fashionable. The slimmer versions, on the other hand, have gained more popularity over the years for a number of reasons. If you’re torn between choosing a card wallet and a bigger wallet, then the Kinzd slim wallet is a fantastic alternative. You can use the wallet to carry only the items you feel are necessary while still having plenty of more room if you need to add more items.

ii. Card Wallets

As the name suggests, card wallets are mainly used for keeping cards. If you rarely have cash or some loose change on you, then this might just be the perfect wallet type for you. In addition, if you dislike carrying cash and prefer to use cards for every purchase payment you make, this wallet is recommended for you.

The card wallet is incredibly lightweight and small. Its minimalistic style allows you to carry only what you actually need, meaning the coupon cards or old club membership cards should never be stored in these wallets. This type of wallet actually forces you to clean out all items you would typically carry in your regular wallet thus making it a more practical solution for the men who dislike carrying around extra baggage, including cash, coins, and multiple cards.

iii. Bifold wallets

The bifold wallet is both classic and comfortable. The fact that they can be used for carrying more items than just cash and cards makes them the go-to wallet for most men. The bifold wallets are roomier, meaning more storage is available for more of your cash and cards. Unlike a slim wallet, you can only keep a bifold in your back pocket, due to its bigger size. It also characterized by a simple and classic style, meaning it works best for men who desire a wallet for carrying items safely, conveniently, and comfortably – while still maintaining the element of stylishness. If you frequently carry around coins and change, the bifold would certainly be the best fit for you.

The bifold wallets come in large sizes thus making them a popular choice for most men. If you rarely carry cash or cards, the classic bifold wallets might seem like a burden. For this reason, they’re recommended mainly for the men who carry more items or those who feel they need something bigger than the card or slim wallet variants. The newer versions incorporate more storage than you would typically find in the older ones, thereby making the wallets a fantastic option for the males who need the extra organization features.

iv. Chain wallets

The chain wallet is more stylish than its counterparts. The unique wallet type works best for the fashion-forward male with a preference for an exclusive type of wallet. The chain wallets come in a broad range of styles including the checkbook, bifold, and trifold types. Of these three varieties, the bifold wallets are most popular and always look superb with a chain.

The wallets are also presented in leather variants and are a great addition to your men’s accessories regardless of your lifestyle. Whether you prefer a retro or vintage feel or you simply love the unique looks of chain wallets, you can easily find one that suits you in both small and large sizes.

2. Wallet Design and Material

The design aspect is yet another important consideration when shopping for your wallets. Every individual has a preferred design or style. Based on this, you can find and buy a unique design that suits you. Remember, the design options of wallets are numerous. For instance, some bifold wallets come with more storage space than others, some slim type wallets have less or more room, depending on the design, and some card wallets come with branding and logos. When it comes to design selection, you simply need to choose the one you like.

The material type is an important factor as well. Therefore, you can choose a material that matches your lifestyle. Synthetic material, leather, and faux leather are common types of materials available for shoppers or potential buyers. A good number of men prefer leather and faux leather wallets, due to their classy nature. The synthetic options, on the other hand, are suitable for the men who would rather keep things casual.

When choosing a wallet based on material, you need to check that it is good quality, as this gives you the assurance that it’ll last longer. Choosing high-quality materials saves you money in the long run, as it saves you the hassle of spending more money buying more wallets in the future.

3. The Color of The Wallet: Would you rather have a fancy or ordinary color option?

The most common color options for men’s’ wallets is black and brown. Like the other aspects, the color choice boils down to individual preference. The brown color wallets are common viable choices for any man.

4. Brand

One last question you need to ask yourself before you make a purchase decision is whether you should buy the branded ones or not. While great respect comes with buying the luxurious branded wallets, sometimes expenses influence purchase decisions and a non-branded wallet may be a more practical option. Of course, you need to read reviews as you shop for wallets. By doing so, you can find some of the best brands the market has to offer.

Tip: The quality of the material matters here as well. Even so, you could still find high-quality materials at affordable prices. Note that you could still buy quality wallets even at a lower price range than you budgeted for. As you search for different brands of wallets, choose the ones that match your lifestyle. It would be unfortunate to buy a wallet that can barely survive a few uses.

We do hope that the tips presented have been helpful. By following this simple wallet buying guide, you can easily buy a wallet that works perfectly for you and matches your lifestyle based on the type, design, material, color, and brand. So, choose your wallet wisely and enjoy using it for a long time.


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