Ghanaian Shares The Frustrations He Went Through At The Passport Office And It's A Perfect Definition Of A Shithole Country

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President of the United States of America, Donald Trump was damn right when he said African is a shithole continent! Even though he was lambasted but truly Africa is the damn definition of a shithole continent looking at how shitty things are done on the continent.
The majority of Ghanaians who have acquired travelling passports will agree with this article due to the stress and frustrations they went through to acquire their passports ─a form of identification which every Ghanaian has the right to possess.

Some desperate Ghanaians in need of travelling passports have to wake up as early as 4:00 am to be at the passport office in order to submit their application forms ─and even after submission, some unlucky applicants have to wait for about six months before getting their passports.
Now, a Ghanaian has shared the frustrations he went through at the passport office and it’s clear that the country called Ghana is a messed up country full of corrupt officials.

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I mean how can a security officer refuse an applicant entry into the passport office with the dumb reason that he should have been at the premises at 4:00 am? Which clause in the constitution states that passport applicants should report at the passport office at 4:00 am?
Acquiring a travelling passport as a Ghanaian is even more difficult than wanting to have a meeting with the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth.
Below is what a frustrated applicant posted on social media.


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