Some Nurses Are In Need Of Free Education Not Postings

Nurses On Demonstration

So yesterday across the length and breadth of Ghana both private and government trained nurses from various Colleges of Nursing Institutions scattered all over Ghana embarked on some sort of nationwide demonstration to put pressure on government to post them to various hospitals to start working as qualified nurses.
Overall the demonstration was a peaceful one with no casualties whatsoever. They demonstrated peacefully and handed over their petitions to various government appointees.

The overriding reasons in the petitions were that they have a bond with government to be employed right after completing their three years course in college and despite that, many of them have stayed home for over 2 years without government seeing to their side of agreement. Some of them also said that they have stayed home for too long after college making them become a burden to their parents. They are demanding that as a matter of urgency government should post them. Failure of government heeding to and addressing their concerns in the petition will see them embark on another demonstration geared towards the seat of government at the Jubilee House.
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I feel the pains and concerns of these Nurses simply because they entrusted their lives into the hands of government to have a certain kind of unique Tertiary Education  for three years. They were denied the liberties and enjoyment of Polytechnics and Universities where one is at liberty to enjoy the comfort of such education doing things on their own and not by the strict instructions of anyone. They surrendered some aspects of their livelihood to stick to certain principles just because they wanted to be nurses. They have signed a bond to work with government for at least five years before they can do anything with their lives, whether to further their education or travel abroad. Whatever they want to do after school can only happen after serving government for five straight years.
So it is only fair that government give them their due and employ them after College. Government is not doing any nurse a favor by employing them, it is their duty and responsibility to do so. There is no proper country where system and structures works that Professionally Trained Nurses have to go on demonstrations before they are given jobs to do. Sh*t hole country is the definition of Ghana.
Some of these Nurses too need serious free quality education for the kind of  inscriptions or writings on the placards they used for the demonstration.This kind of grammar can even make government angry and  refuse to employ you without anyone having a shred of sympathy on you. Those people should be singled out and given free quality grammar education before they are posted lol.
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