Ghanaian Worker Stabbed Multiple Times By Chinese Bosses, Offered Ghc 500 ‘Bribe’ To Shut Up About His Injuries

Frimpong Peter aka Pee Tee, the victim

Just about a year ago we were screaming about the Marwako pepper assault case in which a Lebanese boss tortured his Ghanaian worker beyond reason based on a flimsy rationale.

It seems in many places in our own country many of our people are working under criminal conditions for foreign bosses who treat them however they like and mostly get away with it because our people are afraid of losing their jobs and being unemployed in this hot ‘ecomini’.

A Ghanaian worker with a Chinese plastic manufacturing company in the country has been stabbed multiple times by his own bosses.

This worker, Frimpong Peter but known by friends as Pee Tee, was sitting down after work at the company’s premises located at Atonsu Fobi when one of his Chinese bosses simply attacked him on the flimsy excuse that he’s sitting down and not working (when it was around 11pm and work was supposedly over).

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Another Chinese boss joined his colleague in slapping and assaulting the guy, after which he was stabbed multiple times with a scissor and even stomped with a hammer.

According to the victim’s brother, who told the story on social media, many Ghanaian workers were around but none intervened out of fear, instead watching (and even filming) whilst the foreigners nearly killed their compatriot.

In the end, he had to run for dear life and escape the facility by scaling their wall.

The next day, whilst receiving treatment, the Chinese bosses reportedly sent Ghc 500 to him to treat his wounds, adding that he better take the money or they’ll simply bribe the police if he reports the case and it would become a ‘foolish’ case.

Isn’t it tragic how even foreigners know how corrupt our system is?

Anyway, they rejected the money and reported the case to the police which led to the Chinese getting arrested.

Hopefully this case doesn’t end up ‘foolish’ as they predicted.

GhanaCelebrities.Com has learned that Frimpong has been discharged from the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, where he went for treatment.

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The case remains in the hands of the Asokwa police and it behoves on them to investigate it through and prosecute those involved.

Read the full (unedited) post on the incident below… visit Facebook for the pics of the stabbing.


This is gonna be a bit long, but read, and share to help us find justice.

My brother works for a Chinese plastic manufacturing company at Atonsu Fabi(Company’s name not known). On 4th Sept. 2018, around 11:00pm, there was no work to be done and he was just sitting around with his co-workers. His Chinese bosses, after a convo, walked to him and asked him to put de scissors he was holding down (they use scissors to cut the rubbers in the company, so there are scissors everywhere, so he was still holding de scissors and playing with it after working with it).

After he put de scissors down, they asked him why he is sitting idly. He tried to explain, but den one of de Chinese tried to slap him, he dodged, and dat led to de Chinese almost falling down. Now de other Chinese, slapped my bro, and started beating him up, den de other who first tried slapping him, grabbed de scissors, and started stabbing him with it. He stabbed him in de back, severally on de hand, and tried stabbing him in de neck, but de boy blocked dat with his hand. All these while, Ghanaian employees were present, but didnt do anything to stop dem. We heard some were rather filming it. Their reason for not intervening? – they were scared they might get sacked since de Chinese are hot tempered and sack people at de lease cause.

Now one of de Chinese goes for a “hammer” and starts hitting him with it. It is den dat de boy got to know dat their intention is to kill him. He den called out to one of de boys to help him out. De boys held de Chinese, and dat is when my bro was able to free himself. Now he was bleeding profusely, but was not feeling de impact yet. He den asked dem to open de gate for him to walk out if they have finished injuring him. But no, the Chinese wont do dat, they rather went for de knifes they use in cutting de rubbers. Its is den dat my bro got to know dat he has to find an unusual way out.

Although their wall is tall, he managed to climb over it, whiles bleeding profusely. But after climbing down de wall and out of the Chinese compound, he started feeling dizzy. He den crawled to a nearby door, knocked on it, but de person in de room didnt wanna open de door since it was very late, and he thought my bro was an armed robber. But den after some talking, de boy opened de door and saw him in a pool of blood. And dat is when they called me, and finally, we got them to KATH.

The following day, de Chinese sent one of their workers with GH500, with a message dat we should use dat to cover de bills, so we wont report to de police. And if we dont accept de money and report to de police, they pay money to de police and make de case a “foolish case”.

We rejected de money, got dem arrested, and they accepted stabbing him, saying they were drunk. and that is why they overreacted. De Chinese who joined de fight also said he joined it when his brother almost fell down, cos he thought it was my bro who hit him, and dat they are sorry.

But then today, the story is all different. They are now claiming they had a grudge with de boy, but didnt stab him, dat maybe he injured himself when he was escaping over de wall. Mind you, there are no barbed wires or any protective thing on de wall.

We really need justice for our brother.

Pls share till de appropriate institutions see this post.

Tanx for sharing #Justice4PeeTee

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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