VIDEO: I Am A Proud Sidechick And I Want To Die As Such ─ Says Xandy Kamel aka “No Talent Actress”

Actress Xandy Kamel

So a few days ago I bumped into a video on social media and shared my opinion about the video. In the video, ‘attention seeker’ and self-acclaimed actress, Xandy Kamel was seen in the video dancing with beat maker Dannybeatz. She was giving her backside to the man and I felt I should share an opinion about it so I did.
I said in that article that Xandy has no talent relating to the industry she finds herself in and that she only thrives on useless and unnecessary attention seeking activities like the video I have seen on social media to remain relevant. A guy claiming to be part of Xandy’s Management Team contacted one of the Editors of GhanaCelebrities.Com claiming among other things that I have written a useless article about his actress and that wherever he sees me he will beat me. He also claimed I cannot say her actress is talent bankrupt because Xandy Kamel is a professional Caterer.

When I read the conversation between the guy and my editor the first question I asked was that what at all does Xandy has that they are managing? Well, maybe her catering career not her acting. Moreover, I didn’t write about what the girl does outside acting because that was not the focus of the article. But if this guy whose mind is polluted with violence is part of her management team then I do not expect any better things from her camp than the normal trash she spews on traditional and social media.

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Today this same actress had a conversation on one of the Multimedia Ghana platforms and the only thing she talked about was the objectifying of her body, not her talent. She claims among other things that she is a proud side chick and very happy about it. Moreover, she is warning every married or dating girl that if they do not take care of their husbands and boyfriends properly and they fall into her trap she will give herself to them for free to be ‘chopped’ well. After all, if they ‘chop’ me it will not finish Xandy said.
The Ashawobrity also said all men cannot be faithful─ in fact, she said they shouldn’t be faithful because if they all become faithful what will she ‘chop’? You could clearly see this girl is not thinking about marriage and wants to remain in this ‘whoring’ business for the rest of her life.
Watch the video below.
Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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