VIDEO: Bullet Spotted 'Chilling' And Partying With White Girls Like Ebony Never Existed

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Apparently, the boss of RuffTown Records, Ricky Nana Agyemang aka Bullet has gotten over the sudden and painful demise of his star artist, Ebony Reigns.
Death is inevitable and everyone living will one day taste the bitterness of being dead ─and this could be the reason behind Bullet’s frequent ‘genging and benging’ in Europe.

In a video sighted by on the Instagram page of @thosecalledcelebs, Bullet is seen ‘chilling’ and partying with some white girls and looking at the background, it could be somewhere in Europe since he is currently not in Ghana.
Bullet seems not to give a hoot about the rants of Ebony’s dad looking at how these whites girls were all over him in the video ─dude is really having fun after the demise of his artist, Ebony Reigns.

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@thosecalledcelebs captioned the video, “Herrrr Bullet! Bring back our funeral money woate!!”
Watch the video below.


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