VIDEOS+SCREENSHOTS: Adom TV’s Female Presenter Tags Actress Xandy Kamel As “Ofuoi” And A “No Talent Actress”

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Actress Xandy Kamel

We cannot confirm whether this brewing ‘beef’ is a planned one or some sort of cheap hype to make Kumawood actress, Xandy Kamel trend as anything is bound to happen in the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

Actually, a female Producer/Presenter at Adom TV, Ohemeng Sandrah has labelled actress Xandy Kamel as “ofuoi” and a “no talent actress” in a post sighted by on Facebook.

As to what led to her post, we cannot confirm but from the little information has gathered, it all started when the TV Presenter shared her brutal opinion about actress Xandy Kamel’s ‘dead’ career on live television.

Adom TV Presenter, Ohemeng Sandrah

Actress Xandy Kamel, on the other hand, has replied to the TV Presenter in about two videos insulting and threatening to beat her up anytime she sees her.

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From all the videos sighted by this blog, actress Xandy Kamel looked very pissed for being told the bitter truth in her face looking at how she kept bragging about movies she has stared in that we are even yet to hear of and watch.

Check out the videos and screenshots of their ‘beef’ below.


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