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CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Meet the Most Honest and Intelligent Ghanaian I’ve Ever Met-Godwin Nii-Armah

Godwin Nii Armah

I have met a lot of intelligent Ghanaians in this world including my own shadow, but this man here, Godwin Nii-Armah (Nii Smiley Byte), is the most intelligent of them all.

The first time my sister met him, she said I am a recruiter for the devil—and that I have turned the poor guy into an atheist, just like me.

A few years ago I was introduced to Godwin online as an emerging writer, fresh out of Journalism School, looking for writing gigs. Today, I say, if anyone thinks I am intelligent, Godwin is a better-cloned version of me—with all inherent defects fixed.

When our path first crossed, I somewhat introduced him to a library of Ontological and Religious books. When I checked a few months later, he had consumed all the literature and his reasoning faculties had ignited, arguing brilliantly on all matters.

He is the guy who is like a walking library: from Cosmology to Music to Politics via Music, he knows it all.

I am intelligent, some say. But I have my own limits—this guy has no intellectual boundaries, and his intellectual honesty is beyond remarkable.

Before I started practising Law full time, I was worried about how my baby online Business, GhanaCelebrities.Com was going to perform—with myself focusing more on Law. And then I realised, a better mirror version of me existed.

Apart from the fact that Godwin’s work ethics are super admirable, his brilliance makes him an amazing writer. On comparison, I was writing gibberish at this age.

You do not meet a honest Ghanaian that easily. Dishonesty is an epidemic in Africa—yet he is honest, and he does not even consider that as anything special. He thinks humanity at default, ought to be like that.

I’ve told those in control that if I am ever not here and Godwin is around, and he desires, they should freely let him have GhanaCelebrities.Com, because he does it better than me even.

You teach him something once and that’s it!

He has watched every TV series that matters and has also read every article and book that has intellectual value. How he does that is a mystery to me. I think he is a wizard, so he clones himself, one sleeps and the other does the reading and the watching 24/7.

Through a small ‘employment’, dude has become a brother—as I admire his intellect and composure.

My sister thinks he is a disciple who has become better than his teacher and I wholly agree with her on the latter but not the former. He’s an independent mind, an embodiment of superior knowledge.

Our relationship is like that of Socrates and Plato! Perhaps we will soon find Aristotle to join us one day.

You don’t want to catch Godwin and I during a Heineken inspired sit down—the conversation starts from Metaphysics and digs deep into Trump politics.

I tell his girlfriend, Innocentia Nana Adjoa Amoako, all the time that: she is lucky to have a man whose literacy brilliance and deep pocket of knowledge are comparable to Christopher Hitchens, a man Godwin perhaps calls his ‘goal.’

About a year ago, a group of journalists working for Denmark’s biggest broadcasting company, something like the BBC of Denmark wanted to a documentary on Bishop Obinim. They wanted me to be their local knowledge Guy in Ghana and also put them in touch with the “angel.”

They had found my contact as a result of reading articles I had written on Obinim. I managed to put them in touch but told them, I do not live in Ghana but I know of a young journalist who can even do the local knowledge job better than me.

I connected them to Godwin and their trip to Ghana was fruitful with Godwin at the centre of it all. The pay was really good too! He later asked if I wanted a cut—I said hell No, you deserve everything you were given.

Earlier this week, Godwin informed me that another set of western journalists are coming to Ghana to work on some 3 important stories and the previous guys have recommended him to them—so these new guys have made contact for his services with a good pay attached.

Impliedly, he was asking for days off to take up that side gig. I didn’t even have to ask him for how long he needs days off—all I said is, thank you for letting me, take as many days as it requires off, keep me posted and have fun.

Dude, you are a gem—keep your head high and know that you are the most intelligent Ghanaian I have met and I tell so many people about you.

I hope I have made an impact in your life, beyond just paying you less than you truly deserve each month—because we don’t run on a huge budget. Even that, your loyalty has been priceless and I will always be there for you because you are irreplaceable.

He’s now the Managing Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com.


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