PHOTO: Could This Be The 'Wealthy Man' Behind Moesha Budoung's Lavish Lifestyle?

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Moesha Budoung in her infamous “sex in exchange for material and financial gains” interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on the topic “Sex and Love” a few months ago, made it clear that she bangs rich married men to survive due to the harsh economic condition in Ghana.
Till date, no one or any gossip blog with reliable paparazzi sources have been able to fish out these rich married men sponsoring Moesha’s flamboyant lifestyle.

Moesha Budoung has posted a photo of a well-built Ugandan man wishing him a happy birthday ─Moesha claims he’s a friend but we are looking at it from a different angle.
What if this man is one of the numerous rich men sponsoring her trips? Or could this man be her Uganda-based ‘sponsor’?

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We cannot confirm but since we know the kind of ‘businesses’ our ‘Ashawobrity’ is into, we won’t be surprised that this man in the photo below is the lucky man enjoying Moesha’s big booty ─kind courtesy Dr Obengfo.
Check the photo out.


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