Lawyers For Menzgold Write To SEC Declaring Order To Shut The Company Down As Illegal

Lawyers for Menzgold Ghana have written to the Security and Exchanges Commission (SEC) making it clear that the company has no intention to comply with the so-called directive to shut down.
According to the letter, Menzgold have not flouted any laws and as far as they know, they don’t need a licence from the SEC to carry out their business.
The media landscape has been saturated with Menzgold news after the irresponsible leak from the SEC inflaming passions against the company.
The leak claimed Menzgold are trading without certification from the SEC and should be shut down but the company have refuted that and say not only are they still operating but they need no SEC licence to carry out their work.
In their statement responding to the issue, Menzgold vowed to involve their legal team on the issue and they have wasted no time firing thier own salvo.
The letter, written by Menzgold’s legal reps Kwame Akuffo & Co. Unlimited and addressed to the SEC, lays out the process the company was involved in with state agencies before the statement was maliciously leaked.
According to the letter, the SEC is overreaching outside it’s jurisdiction to come after Menzgold, which has the liences it needs from the relevant quarters.
Menzgold are still working, depositor accounts are safe and there is no cause for alarm as they deal with the current external issues plaguing their company.
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Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

Nii Smiley Byte, Managing Editor
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