The Battle Of Mediocrity — So David Oscar Can Mock Someone Else For Bombing At Comedy?

Ghanaian comedians are by and large jokes who cannot make a room full of weed smokers laugh if their lives depended on it.
They get the occasional laughs at events but doing comedy that would make you laugh nonstop for an hour and a half is clearly not of their forte.
David Oscar was so unfunny that he had to run from comedy to music but he now has the nerve to laugh at someone else for being unfunny.
That’s what you get when there’s mediocrity all around.
It’s no secret that Oscar does not get along with the self proclaimed king of Gh comedy DKB and after the latter recently bombed a show, he’s been mocking him relentlessly on social media.

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Oscar shared a post promoting an upcoming show by Augustin Dennis, who had reportedly been banned by DKB from his comedy show, and in it mocked DKB for flopping.
“I hear your king flopped on stage last night and is now apologizing? … Oh tell him we accepted the apology way before he offered it, but also tell him to come to the silverbird cinemas on Saturday night (15th Sept.) to watch Ghana’s best stand up comedian Augustin Dennis , so he can improve his sh*t !! HahHahahahahaha !!,” Oscar taunted.
Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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