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Efia Odo Without All The Make-Up Will Have You Thanking God For Cosmetics – Watch Video

We are so used to seeing all these faux celebrities with tons and tons of make-up on a daily basis that we forget there is a “real face” under all the foundation and mascara. Indeed, make-up can turn the most unpleasant-looking caricature into a Disney Princess with a few strokes of the brush. It is no wonder a lot of women who are uncomfortable with their own faces will never be caught in public without “beating” their faces to perfection. One can only sympathize with Fancy Gadam when he sings “why be say I marry you beautiful, next day you are ugly”. LOL I feel your pain bruh.
And what has all this got to do with Efia Odo, you ask? Well, the “actress” or “media personality” or whatever it is she calls herself (we only know her as an Ashawobrity, though) thought it would be a great idea to post an I-woke-up-like-this video on her Instagram page looking all “I-had-a-rough-night-but-hey-let-me-throw-out-some-motivation-in-case-someone-cares” video on her Instagram, but all we can see is someone who was possibly banged out of her brains the previous night. In a video cited by captioned “Love is the cure to mankind’s ugly disease”, Madam Efia, in her best early-morning LAFA, adorned in a wig that makes her look like an old hag at best claims life is beautiful and death is inevitable.
In her own words, “What you do in this life as you’re here, how well are you loving each other? How well are you loving your friends? How well are you loving yourself, you know? How well are you loving God?… Going to church doesn’t make you a good Christian, going to church doesn’t make you a good person. Being a good person makes you a good person. How you treat others, how humble you are. Being humble doesn’t mean being stupid. But being humble means being personable. You know, we live in this world thinking that we’re better than others because we have material things that others don’t have but material things don’t mean sh*t once you’re six feet under. You can’t take all those things with you blah blah blah”.
Ok, we hear you, Madam. Thanks for the motivation but please do us a favor and spare us the eyesore and put on some damn make-up!


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